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There are a multitude of online directories out there that you can submit your website to for free – but is it worth the time and effort?

For the purposes of search engine optimisation, submission of your site to online directories seems like a great idea as it assists in link building, which is just one of the many factors that attributes to search engine rankings. You need to ensure they are quality directories however, as it is not so much the number of links you build that is important, but the quality of those links.

There is also bound to be a number of genre-specific directories out there for your particular industry. These can be quite valuable as well, as they are specific to your target audience, and sometimes they may be the first stop for users looking for businesses like yours, as opposed to using the Google machine. Two examples are the AA and Jasons travel websites – I always go to these first when looking for accommodation around New Zealand, as opposed to just Googling the word ‘accommodation’ and the city I’m looking for.

One New Zealand directory that I have found to be quite good is – it is always popping up in my Google Analytics referring sites report. Another two general NZ directories I’ve had some success with are Finda and Made From New Zealand.

While not strictly a directory, Google Places is a must for any local business. It is free to add your business and you can include such details as physical address, service area, contact details, photos, opening hours and payment methods. You can even add short comments or ‘posts’ that appear for 30 days next to your business listing, and you can also add coupons for potential customers to print and bring to your business. With anything Google-related, there is constant development, so expect more features to be added in the near future (coupons and posts weren’t available last time I looked!).

For further reading, there are some great link building articles over at

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